CiC Board

The Board of Directors are:
  • Rev Dr Hugh Osgood (Chair)
  • Rev Noel McLean (Senior Pastor of Yahweh Christian Fellowship)
  • Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins (Founder and CEO of the Rehoboth Foundation)
  • Rev Steve Woodcock (Senior Pastor of Five Valleys Christian Fellowship)
  • Pastor Kofi Banful  (Senior Pastor of Praise Christian Centre) 

The Board has a rich experience of church and para-church ministry, and come from a diversity of backgrounds.

Rev Dr Hugh Osgood: Chair of the Board (& International President)
Since it began in 1997, Rev Dr Hugh Osgood has been the President and Chair of Council of CiC. Click here for more information on Hugh as Founder of CiC.

Rev Noel McLean has been in ministry since 1989 and has developed a passion for teaching and preaching the Word with a view to raise up leaders in and outside the UK. Noel currently leads Yahweh Christian Fellowship in London, and oversees churches in India and Kenya. He is also the host and founder of "Emerging Leaders". Noel is married to Sharon and they have four children.

Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins is the head of The Rehoboth Foundation, a ministry offering a Vision-Development Consultancy and dedicated to teaching God’s word. Celia has served as a Pastor, Bible College Principal and in recent times as an Itinerant Minister. The thrust of her message is Leadership, Stewardship, the fulfilment of destiny as well as Kingdom Building. She is also a motivational speaker for secular organisations and acts as a consultant to some Civic bodies. Her ministry extends to Asia, Europe, The Caribbean, North America and Africa.

Rev Steve Woodcock is the senior pastor of Five Valley Christian Fellowship in Gloucestershire.  A former chef, he is also chaplain in a local school and brings a wealth of experience as a rural church planter.

Pastor Kofi Banful is the senior pastor of Praise Christian Centre in north London and is well respected for his church leadership.  He is on several national committees of inter church boards and charities and his experience is greatly valued by many beyond the local church.

Advisor to the Board:

Rev Trevor Howard
: International (and UK) Co-ordinator
Trevor has been the Secretary to Council since 2003. His administrative role now carries the title ‘International Co-ordinator’. 

Click here for more information on Trevor as International Co-ordinator.


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