Staff and Volunteers


Staff members:

The International Co-ordinator:  Rev Trevor Howard
Trevor is employed by CiC International to co-ordinate both its UK and International operations.

E-communications co-ordinator: Dave Nelson
Dave is self-employed and works on a project by project basis for CiC, he can be reached

PA to UK & International Co-ordinator: Miss Hawa Buhari

Hawa is self-employed and works 2 days a week for Trevor Howard as his PA, she can be reached on


?Existing Members' Secretary: Mr Jeremy Tagg
Jeremy volunteers once a week to facilitate the annual reviews and accountability system for CiC member ministers.  He can be contacted on

New Members' Secretary: Mrs Linda Mercer
Linda volunteers once a week to maintain the membership database and ensure that the Ministers' Fellowship is administered. She also makes sure that all existing and new members' paperwork are in order.

Ministers’ Fellowship Hosts: members of Cornerstone Christian Centre

If you or members of your church, ministry or network would like to volunteer to work with CiC please contact Trevor in the first instance on


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