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CiC International is also affiliated to:


Churches Together in England


Membership was granted in September 2011.  Trevor Howard represents CiC International to CTE on a regular basis as the National Ecumenical Officer and main Church Representative.  Many independent churches and ministries have struggled to gain recognition by church schools and similar local organisations.  Church members whose churches are part of CiC International now meet all the criteria, this is an exciting development on the ecumenical scene.


Other opportunities to represent members' interests:


Direct Parliamentary Representation:


CiC is part of the New Churches Group of Parliamentary Officers, Chris Woolley is our Parliamentary Liaison Officer


Equalities & Human Rights Commission


CiC is a stakeholder within the Religion and Belief strand of the EHRC, although this has been through many changes and is a fluid area of representation for CiC.


Media & Academic liaison


CiC is regularly consulted on matters affecting ethnic and religious minority communities by the media and academia


Charismatic Leaders' Conference


CiC's President, Rev Dr Hugh Osgood, is the co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders' Conference




CiC's President is a regular attender at the 'Round Table' for senior Christian leaders


The African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance

Although this organisation has re-structured during 2011 and in many ways is now part of the Evangelical Alliance, CiC continues to work hard to reflect the breadth of our ethnic membership in evangelical and other Black Majority Church arenas.


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