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Churches in Communities has a global reach, bringing together Biblically-minded independent churches, ministries and networks across the nations. CiC is working for the day when a community-relevant church will exist within everyone’s reach worldwide.


CiC is currently operating in six nations and two major areas (the UK, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Barbados, South Asia and the Far East) and is expanding year-on-year.


Whilst CiC International welcomes membership applications from Christian churches, ministries and networks around the world, it also seeks to establish CiC nation-by-nation and has proven protocols for doing this.


CiC Uganda exists as an autonomous CiC body, with its own National Patron, and National Chairman. CiC Nigeria has its own National Co-ordinator and is establishing its own National Council. Similar work towards autonomy is now in hand for CiC in Ghana.


The CiC nation-by-nation protocol is a step-by-step process, which can progess quite quickly. CiC International considers establishing a new National CiC body in nations where ten or more Christian churches, ministries and networks are prepared to come together in mutual support and in co-operation with CiC’s global structures. Initially each one has to take out membership with CiC International, through the head office in the UK.


The International President and International Co-ordinator will normally visit any such nation before an official launch, to make sure that what begins in that nation is culturally relevant and to ensure the relationships are in place that will enable CiC's core values of Compassion, Integrity and Co-operation to be evident throughout its operations. On such a visit they will seek to appoint a National Co-ordinator and an interim National Council in order to take the process to the next stage of becoming another autonomous part of the CiC International family.


The international office of CiC is in London and is keen to work along these lines with independent churches, ministries and networks who seek what CiC can provide. Do contact the International Co-ordinator, Trevor Howard, directly on if you are thinking of starting CIC in your nation.


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