The role of CiC International

'Churches in Communities International' is the legal body established in the UK for the development and co-ordination of 'Churches in Communities' around the world.

As a legal entity, 'CiC International' has a membership of churches, ministries and networks.

UK-based member bodies benefit directly from CiC International's experience in providing recognition, influence, accountability, accreditation, representation, encouragement and sharing of expertise. Many UK-based member bodies have an international dimension of their own, which over the years has contributed to CiC's increasing UK and global relevance and reach.

Churches, ministries and networks from outside the UK can also be received into membership of 'CiC International'. Where appropriate, the Board of 'CiC International' will work with these members to form new national CiC bodies, applying in their nations the systems used to serve UK-based member bodies. Once such a national CiC is fully established, membership normally transfers to the new national CiC body, which is itself then granted membership status within 'CiC International'. This ensures CiC's cohesion around the world.

As CiC is a member-led organisation, all member churches, ministries, networks and their ministers are treated with equal respect. All subscribe to CiC’s core Christian values of compassion, integrity and co-operation and share their resources and experience without seeking to cultivate their own following.

All CiC National Co-ordinators, National Chairpersons, National Council members and National Patrons serve in a spirit of genuine equality. The leaders of all national CiC bodies from around the world come together as the International Council of CiC, convened by the Board of 'CiC International', as occasion requires.

The International President (appointed by the International Council) provides apostolic cover that is relational and respectful, in line with the movement’s grass-roots emphasis and non-hierarchical agenda. The International President also has an ambassadorial role for CiC world-wide.

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