UK Membership Streams


In order to facilitate mutual encouragement and shared expertise every UK-based member church, ministry and network within CiC International is allocated to a CiC Membership Stream. There are additional streams for overseas members and National CiCs.


Interaction within each stream is encouraged by a designated Council member.


Currently Council members are designated to streams as follows:


New Churches:     Tony King with Uche Nweke
Established Churches:     Noel McLean with  Mark Van Gundy and Isaac Achene
New Ministries:      Tony Sheard with Agnita Oyawale
Established Ministries:     Geoff Tucker with Jennifer Wallace and Peter Marchand
Chaplaincies:     Allan Taylor with Clive Butcher
Assistant Ministers:     Adrian Tamblyn-Watts
Bible Colleges:     Janet Bluck
Networks:     Hugh Osgood
Overseas Members:     Trevor Howard
National CiCs:     Trevor Howard



If you are an existing member of CiC please login and use the on-line forum section of this website to interact with others in your stream.


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